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Give someone a fish and feed them for a day

Teach them to fish (sustainably) and they can feed themselves for a lifetime


  • Who we are

    We are a registered UK charity with a passion to reach, resource and release the poor, marginalised and disadvantaged.

  • What we do

    We train, equip and support the rural poor to help themselves through income generating initiatives.

  • Your support

    We are very grateful for your support which goes to help those in need.

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  • Tilapia can eat almost anything making them ideal for the rural poor to farm, providing much needed farm income and a fresh source of protein. We help practically with relevant training, supplying high quality fry, small seasonal loans, disease management support, modern equipment and techniques.

    We promote many village level initiatives to generate income for the rural poor, e.g. bricklaying, electrics, sewing and net making. One of them is mushroom farming, which is cheap to start, suitable for the landless poor and is not labour intensive.

    In one of the world's most impoverished regions, obtaining the basic necessities of life like education, medical treatment, nutritious food and warm clothing can be a real struggle and worry. Fish Aid is passionate about helping the disadvantaged and desperate improve their lives.

  • Your thoughts

    "Having heard great things about Fish Aid and met Andrew Hepburn in Laos, I was stunned and deeply impressed by his achievements. Fish Aid really has made a difference, providing training, skills and jobs to marginalised and disadvantaged people who had nothing and now have the wherewithal to feed their families and their communities. This is inspirational work and is worthy of wide support." Struan Stevenson, MEP for Scotland 1999-2014, President Fisheries Committee 2002-2004, Senior Vice President Fisheries Committee 2009-2014
    “The advice and expert help we were given enabled us to begin experimenting with fish farming as part of the self-sufficiency program for our children’s home. Branching out into something new it is easy to make mistakes due to lack of understanding and experience but we have been confident because of the support we had at the research stage and beyond. Fish Aid’s help has been invaluable” Gillian Saunders, Sefton Village, Philippines.